About Eolo Ceramics

We welcome you to a place where ceramics and glasswork melt in a plastic search creating a poetic dreamland that invites you to get lost among tradition and avant-garde.

Eolo Ceramics studio, managed by Marisa Peaguda, began its activity in 1992.
She is trained at the School of Arts and Crafts, she has got a degree on Arts and she is an Artisan Master. 
She has received some prizes on ceramics and the “Mercurio award” from the Murcia Chamber of Commerce.
Eolo Ceramics has also been selected for different projects to collaborate  with the Promotion Institute and the Spanish Foundation of Arts and Crafts, among others.

She is distinguished  by her artisan care with which each one of her pieces is made.  And by her colourful glazed pottery which stamps her own personal style of dialogue between the work and her author.