About Eolo Ceramics

We welcome you to a place where ceramics and glasswork melt in a plastic search creating a poetic dreamland that invites you to get lost among tradition and avant-garde.

Eolo Ceramics studio, managed by Marisa Peaguda, began its activity in 1992.
She is trained at the School of Arts and Crafts, she has got a degree on Arts and she is an Artisan Master. 
She has received some prizes on ceramics and the “Mercurio award” from the Murcia Chamber of Commerce.
Eolo Ceramics has also been selected for different projects to collaborate  with the Promotion Institute and the Spanish Foundation of Arts and Crafts, among others.

She is distinguished  by her artisan care with which each one of her pieces is made.  And by her colourful glazed pottery which stamps her own personal style of dialogue between the work and her author.

Discover the beauty of ceramic decorations and the fascinating world of art

Throughout history, ceramics have stood out as a unique and captivating form of expression. At Eolo Cerámica, tradition and the avant-garde merge to give life to works full of color and life.

Let yourself be enveloped by the magic of ceramic decorations and ceramic paintings, and discover these artistic objects that will be defined in the tangible manifestation of emotions and sensations.

Since its inception, Eolo Cerámica has been a guide to creativity in the world of ceramics. Marisa has channeled her passion for art into the studio, where each piece is conceived with love and dedication.

The recognitions obtained in the field of ceramics and the collaboration in projects with renowned institutions have consolidated the reputation of Eolo Cerámica as an artistic reference in Murcia and beyond.

The essence of decorative ceramics: Delicacy and creativity

At Eolo Cerámica, decorative ceramics become the canvas where creativity unfolds without limits.

The ceramic decorations are unique pieces that fuse vibrant colors and enveloping shapes, giving rise to a plastic search that surprises and inspires.

Each work is the reflection of Marisa’s artistic sensibility and the result of her intimate dialogue with clay and glaze.

Ceramic Paintings: Materialized poetry

Ceramic paintings are the highest expression of art in the Eolo Cerámica studio. Each piece transcends the boundaries of the conventional and becomes a poetic manifestation that connects with the viewer’s deepest emotions.

These unique works, created with passion and technique, transport those who contemplate them on a dreamlike and evocative journey.

Ceramic Courses: Opening doors to creativity

Our passion for decorative pottery and ceramic paintings drives us to share our knowledge and technique through our exciting pottery courses.

Discover the magic of creating unique ceramic decorations and express your creativity in each piece. In our ceramic and pottery workshops, you will learn to bring your ideas to life, creating exceptional ceramic paintings that reflect your style and essence.

Our creating team of artists, led by Marisa Peaguda, will guide you step by step, sharing techniques that will help you create unforgettable pieces.

These workshops are designed for all art enthusiasts, no matter their level of experience. From beginners who want to delve into the world of ceramics to artists with previous knowledge who seek to perfect their techniques, ceramic courses at Eolo Cerámica offer a space for learning and personal growth.

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At Eolo Cerámica, we seek to inspire our students and clients, promoting an enriching experience that goes beyond ceramics.

If you are looking for a ceramic course that allows you to develop your artistic skills and immerse yourself in the world of ceramic decorations and ceramic paintings, you have come to the right place!

Don’t wait any longer to embark on this exciting artistic journey. Sign up for our ceramic courses and discover the beauty of decorative ceramics and ceramic paintings.

Eolo Cerámica awaits you with open arms to share with you the exciting art of ceramics!